Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Using a Bassinet with Twins, Triplets, Multiples

Bassinet for Twins, Triplets, Multiples?

When I was far enough along in my pregnancy with my triplets to allow myself to look at baby items, I saw the cute bassinets available in baby stores. I immediately dismissed the thought of using bassinets with triplets. What would I do with 3 bassinets for triplets? I would need to have all 3 bassinets near my bed becuase I was breastfeeding the triplets. There was just not enough room. As cute as 3 little bassinets would look lined up together, they were not a practical solution.

Then a few months after my triplets were born, my sister in law gave birth to her twins. The first photo I saw of my beautiful neices were the two tiny babies snuggled together in one Moses basket. What a beautiful picture! The girls shared a crib at night and slept in one and then in each of their own Moses baskets during the day. The Moses baskets were a practical and comfy solution for my twin neices.

The Moses baskets would have worked for my triplets too. I would recommend Moses baskets for twins and triplets. If you have the space and can afford mutliple bassinets for multiples, bassinets are a great option for having the babies sleep during the day too, in the family living space where you can keep them close to you.

However at night, in those first few months breastfeeding triplets, bassinets for each of the babies was not a good solution for us. We used one crib pushed up against my side of our king bed.

The babies slept better co-bedding. Co-bedding was recommended by the the staff in the NICU and our pediatrician.

"Twins are used to being close to one another," from Dr. Bill Sears: "They spend months in the womb touching and moving together. Neonatalogists have long observed that twins placed together in the same incubator or bassinet tend to breathe better and grow faster. During the early months, they'll sleep better in the same bed, within touching distance. Sleeping together may help get them on the same sleep schedule, which will give mom and dad more time to sleep."

I could easily access my babies at night to tandem nurse . I could reach over and comfort them. I could change them in their crib. This was so much also easier for me since I was recovering from a C-section.

A bassinet solution for twins you may want to consider is the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper This lovely co-sleeping may not have the traditional charm of a bassinet but provides your babies a safe and secure sleeping area within in Arm's Reach of you!

My youngest child was born when my triplets were just 2 yrs old. This time, I was already an authorized retailer for Burlington Basket bassinets. I could not wait to purchase one! We used a bassinet for my infant daughter during the day, in the living room. The trick with her was keeping her triplet siblings from toppling the bassinet! We had to secure the bassinet to a wall and use a baby gate to keep the triplets out of that area.

Once again, the sweet dream of a sleeping baby in a beautiful bassinet was not quite our reality!

At night our baby co-bedded with us with the Deluxe Snuggle Nest co-sleeper.

Should you use bassinets with twins, triplets, and higher order mulitples? Bassinets will work in certain situations. However at night, the reality of multiple bassinets in your bedroom in those hectic, sleepless first months, may not live up to your expectations. Most babies will need to transition into a crib after a few months. Cost, space, the health of your newborns, your decision to breastfeed your twins, triplets, or multiples, and your health will all be factors in your decision.

If you do decide to purchase bassinets for your twins, triplets, or HOM (Higher Order Mutliples), you should not put twins or 2 babies in one bassinet unless it is a large co-sleeper. Most bassinets are only for use up to 16 lbs. Always follow the manufacturer's safety precautions for the bassinets.

Bassinet for Twins, Triplets, Multiples?


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